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Mounting Bases
for Air Terminals
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Shop online for premimum copper bar and connectors for electrical grounding.

Mounting Bases for Air Terminals
Solid copper, bronze and aluminum Universal and Saddle Bases for 1/2" diameter air terminal (lightning rods). Each base includes cable and terminal connectors. 3/8" - 1/2" - and 5/8" bronze and aluminum adaptors are available to span gaps between air terminals with un-matching threads.

Call toll free 1-866-716-9773 or click onto a LiveHelp chat session to order adaptors and other parts.

Universal Mounting Bases
with cable clamp, and air terminal connectors - top and rear mounted for rooftop or wall mounting.


FREE UPS ground


FREE UPS ground


Aluminum vs. Bronze? Bronze is roughly 90% copper. Both Bronze and Aluminum are UL listed and approved for use in lightening protection. Because of the high copper ratio, bronze is a better conductor and is stronger with more intrinsic value, blending better with roof tiles and brick. Since the metals are dissimilar, bi-metal connectors should be used to prevent the metals from corroding each other. Aluminum looks better with galvanized or bare aluminum roofs. Don't use aluminum where leaves or moisture collect or where it may come in contact with any alkali products like whitewash, paint or fertilizers.

EZ-Fit Aluminum Saddle Base
with finger-type cable clamp. 12" long with 5/8" OD threads Cable and terminal connectors are made of bronze. Maliable aluminum saddle easily conforms to roof pitch.

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