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Storm Grounding
Substation Grounding
Most of us know how electrical grounding protects people and equipment from high-voltage hazards, but few understand how grounding performs an essential role in the transformation of raw electric power into usable current. Electrical transformers - the critical component of utility substations - rely on ground and power connectors most often in the form of copper bus tube, clamps and flexible braid configured to safely move overload or “fault” current into the ground, insulating transformers during storms or grid surges and protect substations from service interruptions.
Power Utility Substation
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Substation Grounding Bar

Substation and Utility
Storm Grounding manufacturers various lengths of copper bus, elbows and splice plates for substation grounding. And because all our fabrication is computer controlled, we can produce bus bar in custom sizes and with specified hole patterns with minimal lead time. Please link to our ground bar configurations to consolidate plans and specifications.

For electrical contractors looking at custom solutions for substation and utility grounding - at direct from the manufacturer prices - please contact us directly at 1-866-716-9773.

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Storm Security Ground Bar Kits
HOT! Storm Grounding
Security Ground Bar Kits

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Storm Copper Shield

Copper Shield®
Interior / exterior clear gloss protects and preserves copper grounding connectors
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